companies. The main motive to learn a foreign language is Career. Fluency in the German language can be obtained if you take up German Classes in Chennai at FITA. It has opened up a lot of opportunities in Germany. Some of the sectors which have wide career growth include Education and Research, Medicine, Power sector, Finances, Literature, Media, Journalism, etc.

According to a Research, German language is the 10th most widely speaking languages in the world. It is not only spoken by the natives but also across many other countries in Europe. Close to 185 million people speak German. German corporate giants like Bosch, Siemens, BMW, Lufthansa, Volkswagen, Adidas, Allianz have their facilities established across the world. Learning German Language Classes in Chennai at FITA has opened up the doors to these companies. Becoming a German trainer is only the tip of the iceberg when you learn German. Other career paths also include as a proof-editor, content writer, Professional translator and Interpreter. Openings in the German embassy across India have given a ‘Feather on the Cap’ to the German Learners.

German Language Training with FITA

German language training with FITA is the best and one of its kind in Chennai.  It can be mainly attributed to its very well qualified trainers, friendly classroom atmosphere, individual attention to students and highly interactive sessions. The sessions are divided into Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. At the end of the sessions, mock tests are given to the students to check their understandability of the language. To work in any country, understanding its cultural significance is very important. FITA gives guidance on the cultural aspects and it makes the students understand the significance of Germany’s cultural heritage. German Language Classes in Chennai can be studied at any one of the FITA Branches - Velachery, TNagar and OMR.  Students who complete the A1 level continue to study the A2 level at FITA itself.  This has proven the fact, the students are very much satisfied with FITA and they are ready to recommend their friends as well.

Different Levels in German

There are six different levels in German and they are A1,A2,B1,B2,C1 and C2.

  • In Level A1, normal day-to-day simple enquiries in German will be taught. Basic grammar skills and simple vocabulary communication will be established.
  • In Level A2, expressing yourself in German and handling situations will be covered. Grammar part will have focus and writing sentences will be improved.
  • In Level B1,how to lead a communication on topics will be covered.
  • In Level B2, you will have a command on the German language. Work-related issues will be handled along with how to handle the discussion for difficult topics will be handled.
  • In Level C1, Expressing clearly on both reading, writing and speaking for a larger number of topics will be covered and clear understanding of all the texts will be encouraged.
  • Level C2 is for individuals, one can express freely in German. People can work on Socio-political, scientific and cultural platforms.
  • Opportunities with German Companies in India:

    German is the most popular foreign language in the Indian Soil. The main reasons can be attributed to its career opportunities. Companies like GE, Volkswagen, Amazon, Audi, HP, Samsung, Hyundai, Accenture, Thomson, etc, use German language specialists for translation and interpreting the communication between their onsite and offshore.   Day by day, the German travelers coming to India is growing.  Hence the career opportunities for German speakers in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries have grown to a greater extent. For the best experience, take German Language Course in Chennai at FITA.

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