India’s leading sector which more than 5 lakh job opportunities and a rapidly growing sector is the aviation sector which has almost 132 airports and is expected to increase in the years to come. This rapidly expanding sector is most rewarding for the people who seek employment and who would like to travel around the world. There are various courses which can help you secure a place in this industry. India is the world’s fastest increasing market since 2017 the network and economic for this sector has expanded according to global airlines by IATA. The domestic market is growing at a fast pace of 17.5 percent, followed by China with 13.3 percent. Airport management courses in Chennai has also increased with a rise in airports and airport-related work.

With the growing demand for passengers and freight which includes both leisure and business trips. Demand for leisure trips is constantly increasing due to the individual budget. There is significant demand for the leisure air trips. In the year 2025, there will be high demand for the leisure trips due to certain reasons like visiting friends and relatives, job mobility, customized travel, to escape the stress from work and low airfares. The aviation industry is expected to receive Rs 1 Lakh cores investments in the upcoming five years.  The government of India is planning to invest in billions for the development of airport infrastructure along with aviation services by 2026. India’s aviation industry is the largest growing industry with huge opportunities.

 Airport Management Training in Chennai is suitable for people who want to become a manager at the airport to oversee the daily operations in the airport. A manager is also responsible for enforcing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding the rules and regulations of airport contracts and leases.  Other responsibility of the manager includes operating procedures, monitoring airport expenditures and coordinating construction or renovation projects. Airline Courses in Chennai has also an Aviation manager course for managers who will be working with airlines, airports and other aviation industry. This job requires day to day operations at the airport. The manager is also trained in the management and business administration.

Required skills For Airport Manager:

The manager should be flexible, Diplomatic and great communication and organizing skills.

Airport managers must be friendly and should have the ability to handle people and pressure to handle deadlines and also should possess good leadership quality to be an effective Airport Manager.

Airport Manager should also be good at decision making and be analytical and logical reasoning skill, patience and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Physical health, energy, and stamina are required for working long hours.

Qualification for Airport Manager:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Aviation management related course after completing +2 from a recognized board with least 60% marks.
  • Apply for Airport Authority of India related jobs in Managerial positions.
  • Career Prospects:

    Airport Manager is a good option for a rapidly changing environment. The aviation Industry is growing rapidly in India and also in abroad which increased in demand for airport qualified Airport Managers.

    Airport Managers with specialization in planning, security, forecasting, and fire safety and handling goods, communication systems etc.  There are many scopes with positions as Manager – Customer Relations Service, Marketing Manager etc.


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