Human nature is to make mistake leading to unexpected results therefore there must be a crosscheck option for the correction of mistakes. It is applicable to both system and real life. Hence, software testing is widely in usage for development of any application. We are among the best Software Testing Training in Bangalore.

There are many incidents which would have avoided if software testing was done priory. As some bugs may lead to severe human and monetary loss like the few listed below:

  • Due to the software failure in air sensory bags Nissan cars have to recollect over 1 million cars from market.
  • There was a temporary software glitch, which lead to heavy loss for Amazon as some of the Amazon’s 3rd party retailers price was reduced to 1p.
  • Another incident reported was the closure of 60% Starbucks store in Canada and US due to the failure in POS system.
  • Fighter plane F-35 was also once a victim for software bug that made it difficult to detect targets.
  • $920 million was credited to around 823 customers of US due to software glitch.
  • Choice of FITA

  • Exclusive batches with minimal students
  • Back up classes for students who missed any class
  • Theoretical sessions followed by practical session
  • Job assistance
  • Materials for the course will be provided.
  • Practical assignments at the end of each session.
  • Trained by experienced industrial experts.
  • Software Testing Training in Bangalore can be useful for the below students:

  • College fresher looking to set career
  • Professionals working as manual tester
  • Experienced looking forward for domain change
  • Our skillful trainers will aid you achieve your goal with the updated knowledge. The software-testing syllabus that we use coordinates with the ISTQB Certification making it easier for all the students pursuing Software Testing Training in Bangalore.

    Scope of Software Testing: As a customer, even we will not accept a product without testing so there is a lot of scope in Software Testing Course. There will be always growth in software testing field unlike any other field as you have both vertical and horizontal ladder to climb. The next levels in your career as software tester are:

  • Test engineer
  • Senior test engineer
  • Test lead
  • Test manager
  • QA lead
  • QA manager
  • Moreover, there are many automation tools, which will also get your exposure wide in software testing. In addition, we are here just to make you fit into the right position.

    About Software Testing Course

    In order to build a defect free software it is indeed necessary to be cautious about quality.

    Software testing is a known technology in IT industry. As it will lend a helping hand in detecting the errors and ensuring the software is defect free before let-off to the market. FITA offers both manual and automation coaching for Software Testing Training in Bangalore.Tester performs software testing whose primary focus to identify defects in the software developed by the developer and inform them. There 2 different ways to perform software testing:

  • Manual testing – It is considered mandatory to do manual testing before testing is done using automation tool. In addition, manual testers does not require any knowledge over testing tools. The variation between expected and actual results is considered as the defect. The prime objective of manual tester is to get an error free application that can be delivered to the customers.
  • Automated testing – Automation testing is considered as lesser person dependence. This is just automating the manual software testing. In this, the testers are aided with tools to make the process easy and fast which in turn consumes lesser time with more accurate results. One of the main objective of automation testing is to set the software testers to free from tiring and bombastic manual testing.
  • Syllabus for Manual Testing

  • Basics of software testing course
  • Software Testing Lifecycle Models
  • Types of testing
  • Test case planning
  • Prepare test case
  • Test case execution
  • Reporting test case
  • Defect tracking
  • Defect Management With Tools Like Bugzilla
  • Software Testing Techniques
  • Automation testing and Selenium synopsis

  • Introduction
  • Core Java
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium IDE
  • Testing Frameworks
  • Real-time project

  • Reason to test using automated tools
  • Feasibility Analysis for testing
  • Plan and design
  • Testing environment setup
  • Cost involved in automation
  • Script generation
  • Execution of test case
  • Analysis of defect
  • FAQs

    Some of the important FAQs which will be helpful for you are focused below by FITA for Software Testing Training in Bangalore:

    What is Black Box testing?

     In this method the tester need not know the coding of the program and is done to check the functionality of an application.

    What is White box testing?

    White box testing is done based on the code used by the developer. In addition, it is also known as structural testing, clear box testing and glass box testing.

     What is Grey box testing?

    The tester must have knowledge of code as well. It is the combination of both white and black box testing.

    What are the common mistakes in testing which affects the software?

  • Matching resources to wrong projects
  • Not listening to others
  • Test manager lack of skills
  • Underestimating
  • Poor Scheduling
  • Ignoring the small problems
  • Not following the process
  • What is Integration testing?

    In Integration testing individual units in an application are combined together and tested which is performed after functional and unit testing.

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