Get trained by the best faculties with industrial experience. Python is the most popular course amidst student due to increasing demand in IT sector. FITA provides you with the pleasant experience in Python Training in Bangalore.

FITA’s preference over other institute

You will be getting best training from assistance with respect to placement form our skilled trainers at any time. We provide our students with hands-on experience rather than bookish knowledge. Classes can be scheduled as per the students requirement.

Our trainers provide you with the industrial training which will aid you during placement. FITA encourages interactive session. Students will be trained in real-time projects. FITA has signed up with 550+ companies for the betterment of our students. Students will be provided with a course completion certificate once they complete Python Training in Bangalore. Study materials will be provided to the students as either softcopy or hardcopy.

Python Course

Python is object oriented programming language which is preferred by many MNCs due to its easy accessibility and simple learning. It can integrate with other systems with ease. Python is used widely due to the developer productivity and software quality.

There is no pre-requisite for joining Python in our institute. Our training will fetch you the desired job in IT industry. Python is a course, which can be learned by both students and professional who are looking to climb up the ladder of career in IT sector.

Python Training in Bangalore is, more common for those who learn for career perspective. In addition, the course completion certification, which we will provide you, will enhance your chances of being placed in a company.


  • Basics of Python
  • Memory management
  • Garbage collection
  • File operation
  • Data types & operations
  • Module & package
  • Statement & syntax
  • Function
  • Exception handling
  • Advanced concepts in Python
  • FAQ

    What is the maximum length of identifier?

    There is no particular length mentioned for an identifier.

    Mention the different types of Inheritance.

  • Single Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Multi-level Inheritance
  • Hierarchical Inheritance
  • statprogramming

  • filter ()
  • map()
  • reduce()
  • What do you infer from %S in Python?

    It is a format specifier used to push value into string.

    Briefly explain Docstring in Python.

    Docstring is the first statement used in Python construct which is a unique text

    List the basic types of Functions in Python.

  • User-defined
  • Built-in
  • What does GIL mean in Python?

    GIL stands for global interpreter lock which acts as a mutex for the synchronization.

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