Are you enthusiastic to learn something new every day? How about learning a language like - German? Then you should think about being enrolled with our German Classes in Bangalore program.

Schönen Tag! Our primary goal is to share the knowledge with you. Moreover, mastering in an offshore language will be a great experience. There is no boundary to learn and we will be here at aid you. We are not bound to train students with any specific age group thus; it will be great for you to adore your kids speaking a foreign language.

Features of learning in FITA

  • Unlike other courses, we do not believe in following a formula when it comes in learning a language. We have faith in mastering a language through practice in real-time usage along with their culture.
  • We have a well-framed syllabus for students undergoing German Classes in Bangalore.
  • Our approach related with language course is different from other courses we offer. FITA strongly believes in smart working rather than hard working which in turn will facilitate our students to learn quickly.
  • Learning German with our trainers will be fun for you as they make the classes as lively as possible using various technology.
  • You will definitely get the output for the money you spend for learning German Classes in Bangalore.
  • FITA makes sure every student gets proper assistance in every class.
  • Weekly tests for your revision in the language.
  • Benefits of learning German

  • You will be comfortable if you plan a trip for Europe as it is amidst the most-spoken language.
  • It will be helpful in your work place, if your clients speak German. They will have a pleasantry experience with you.
  • It also acts as a stress buster as you will be learning something apart from your routine.
  • Learning a language is a sort of brain exercise that increase the memory power among students.
  • If you are planning to settle down in abroad this course will be more appropriate to start learning now.
  • This will get you a communication-based job if you are really looking for it.
  • We have trainers who have great dedication to train you in German language in a most delightful manner. Moreover, the ultimate goal of FITA is to focus on communicative skills you excel after the end of course.

    Course Curriculum

    There are different levels of course

    A1 – basic grammar skills

    A2 – familiar with daily situation handling

    B1 – lead discussions in topics

    B2 - practice of reading, writing, and usage in real life.

    C1 – almost all texts

    C2 – fluent in the language.


    Why learn German?

    German speakers, largest linguistic group in EU. They played very crucial role in European history and culture. It sustains its position amidst the most popular language in 21st century.

    Is German a tough language?

    Complexity of both English and German are same and but it is fascinating to speak German over English due to long words.

    Why German over other foreign languages?

  • German is one of most-spoken languages in Europe.
  • This is the third most taught language around the globe.
  • Surprisingly, German is the only language with three genders.
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