In this digital era, Hacking is a terrific term among common people but for people who want to build a career in Hacking know the opportunity available in the market. Hacking has a good perspective as well which many of us are unaware of. As we are human there are possibilities of committing mistakes which should be corrected by some or the other people. So, here comes the entry of Ethical Hackers. FITA tops the list for Ethical Hacking Training in Bangalore.

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  • Future of Ethical Hacking

    Ethical hacking has a wide range of scope under Cyber security. It is predicted that there will be around 18% of increase for job under Ethical Hacking during the period of 2014-2024. Even the pay scale for theses hackers are much higher than any other position in the IT sector as the company’s wealth is completely bound with Internet. If there happens to be any issue with the company’s security, it will be a huge loss for the company. Hence, there is a lot of opportunity for people who have completed Ethical Hacking Training in Bangalore.

    Overview of Ethical Hacking Course

    We are moving towards digital world and dependency of Internet is increasing more than our expectation. In this world, everything has two facet and it applies for digitalization as well. It will be unethical to tell digitalization has only positive side. The negative aspect of digitalization is Hacking. The very first thought coming to us when we come across the term hacking is loss of privacy. On the other hand, there will be good face as well which is called “Ethical Hacking”.

    Ethical hacking is considered to find out the defects related to security issues and vulnerability in the networks and systems. Hacker is one who is able to gain unauthorized access over a system and able to fetch data. This ensures that the privacy of individuals are maintained. Hackers are divided into three – white, grey and black hacker. This classification is done on the reason for them to hack other’s system.

    White hacker- Hacking is done for an organization for defensive purpose.

    Grey hacker- This is the type of hackers who break the law seldom but without any malicious intention.

    Black hacker- These people violate law and steal people’s information for their own benefit.

    We provide assistance for all the certifications listed below:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - This is considered as the entry level for Ethical hacking that tests the knowledge student has having about the course.
  • Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) - Eligibility criteria for this certification is 5 years of experience in system security or auditing and is provided by ISACA, which involves risk management and assurance.
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) - It is offered by ISACA that is advanced level which deals with information security.
  • GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) - It is administered by an organization named as Global Information Assurance Certification especially for security concepts.
  • FAQs

    Describe Ethical Hacking.

    When a person is granted with the permission to hack systems of others to rectify the faults and fix them in future.

    List out the tools frequently used by Ethical hackers.

  • NMAP
  • Meta Sploit
  • John The Ripper
  • Wire Shark
  • Maltego
  • Classification of ethical hackers

  • Grey hackers
  • Black hackers
  • White hackers
  • How to avoid hacking of website?

  • Firewall usage
  • Validation and verification of login credentials
  • Cookies encryption
  • Validation of user’s parameters
  • Various stages in Hacking.

  • Applications Hiding
  • Privileges Executing
  • Files Covering Tracks
  • Gaining Access Escalating
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