Latest innovations are moving forward towards automated world; robots are the great example for this. And robotics is a vast industry which has always a special place in the market. FITA aids you to get into this field by providing Blue Prism Training in Bangalore.



Its popularity is due to the assistance it provides to fresher’s in automation of any random application. Blue Prism supports various platforms such as Java, Web, Windows, and many more. Our training experienced trainers will get you well equipped with the necessary knowledge to sustain in the industry. FITA along with curriculum helps you get you prepared for the interview process.

Our specialized team for placement will aid you with the complete placement training without any extra charge apart from the course fee.Blue Prism Training in Bangalore is gaining importance as Bangalore is the IT hub of our country. FITA considers smaller the batch size, greater is the   provided to every student.

Blue Prism Training in Bangalore

Blues prism which was innovated in the year 2001 is an automated tool for the process of robotics. It has built-in support to connect various business objects with user applications. Blue Prism is built on the framework of Microsoft.NET.  There are certain objectives of Blue-prism:

  • It helps corporate companies to complete the project swiftly.
  • The usage of tools helps in efficient work with least error.
  • Data processed will be secured and easy to manage.
  • The job openings will enormous along with quiet high package as compared with other field. Robotic Process Automation is an excellent field to evolve and innovate new ideas for young creators. Blue Prism Training in Bangalore is attracting a lot of college students as Bangalore is the IT hub for our nation.

    This course will be helpful for- college students, professionals, business experts, non-IT professionals looking for domain change. 


  • Unit 1: Introduction to RPA
  • Unit 2: Basics of Blue Prism
  • Unit 3: Working With  Process Studio
  • Unit 4: Mastering in the Process Flow
  • Unit 5: Inputs & outputs
  • Unit 6: Business Object
  • Unit 7: Object Studio
  • Unit 8: Exception Handling
  • Unit 9: Case Management
  • Unit 10: Additional Features
  • Unit 11: Advanced Feature
  • Unit 12: Other app types
  • Unit 13: Certification Guidance
  • Unit 14: Real Time Project
  • FAQs

    Define RPA.

    RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation where a machine is used to complete a task using human’s actions.

    What are the various stages of RPA life cycle?

  • Deployment and Maintenance
  • Bot Development
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Mention the difference between thin and thick client?

    Thin client: In this quality properties cannot be fetched during spying RPA tool.

    Thick client: In this many attributes can be gained with the usage of RPA tool.

    List different types of spy modes.

  • web based-html spy mode
  • Mainframe we only having one spy mode-mainframe
  • Windows we can use win32
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