It needs an extra mile to get a step ahead from the rest in this competitive world and FITA gives you an edge to achieve this extra mile! Learn at FITA – Rated as No 1 AWS Training in Bangalore. FITA is the right place to feed your mind with the appropriate knowledge and get a head start in AWS training. The AWS experts guide students undergoing AWS Certification in Bangalore at FITA from the industry.  Trainers at FITA makes it easy as pie with real-time exposure to AWS concepts. At FITA, we provide all the necessary guidance to the students to clear the AWS certification in Bangalore with excellence.

AWS provides services from many data centers across the availability zones (AZ) which is stretched across the globe. AZ is nothing but a location containing numerous data centers. An AWS customer can just spin up his virtual machine and mirror data in different AZ to fetch more accurate infrastructure that is resistant to failures of individual servers or an entire data center. AWS also offers content delivery, compute power, database storage, and other services, which henceforth supports the growth of businesses development.

Why FITA for AWS Training in Bangalore?

  • Here we spotlight on individuals who are willing to take a career in AWS with the slightest knowledge of AWS as well and train them well to face the industry by providing hands-on experience.
  • Uncomplicated- Syllabus will be covered with in-depth knowledge.
  • Nurture for Real-time Exposure - makes you ready to experience the AWS console from the very first day.
  • Expert trainers - FITA has trainers as IT Employees from Leading Companies who have been in the industry for many years.
  • Undivided attention - every individual will be given undivided attention.
  • Job Support - We have placement tie-up with more than 550+ Companies
  • Updated with the recent trends - our trainers will keep you updated on the current trends from the industry.
  • Top-ranked - FITA is one of the top listed institutes for AWS training in Bangalore.
  • Assistance in certification- here you will get all the necessary assistance for the AWS certification in Bangalore.
  • FITA is helping you in all the possible ways to get you placed with job satisfaction from the very first day you join us.

    Who can Learn AWS Course in Bangalore at FITA?

  • Freshers and IT professionals looking for domain change.
  • System and Network administrators.
  • Experienced developers and Programmers.
  • Our other AWS training center in Bangalore

    FITA aid both weekday and weekend classes at your flexible time. FITA will be a great place to learn and kick-start your career with AWS.

     Overlook of AWS Course:

    AWS course

    has seen a tremendous growth since it was launched in 2006 and it is growing at a 20% compounded growth per year. Being trained in AWS & clearing the AWS certification will add a crown to your resume and the chances of you getting shortlisted will increase.

    AWS has innumerable options in the IT industry due to the prevailing development in the usage of cloud storage. Around the globe, there are over 380,000 cloud-computing jobs in the IT industry itself, which gives you with very wide opportunities in this industry.

    A senior executive of a cloud-computing company told media “Amazon has been able to create a strong partner network in the country for its cloud business over the first five years and is now reaping the fruits”. Moreover, AWS popularity among small enterprises is becoming huge due to its manageable architecture.

    AWS certification consists of four levels- foundational, associate, professional and specialty. Amidst the four- Foundational certificate is considered as a prerequisite for Specialty or any further certification in AWS. In addition, FITA helps you achieve your goal in a legitimate way.


    Mention the various components of AWS.

  • Access and identity management
  • Email service
  • Route 53
  • Cloud watch
  • Simple storage device
  • Elastic block store
  • Define AMI.

    AMI stands for Amazon Machine Image which provides information of server, OS, applications.

    Mention the several stages of Cloud Computing.

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • List types of storage in AWS.

  • Addition storage
  • Amazon EBS
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon EC2 instance store
  • List the features of Amazon cloud search:

  • Faceting term boosting
  • AutoComplete advice
  • Highlighting
  • Entire text search with language specific text processing
  • Range searches
  • Prefix Searches
  • Boolean Searches
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