If you are in a dilemma what to do after then AngularJS training will be the appropriate choice. AngularJS training is a promising career in today’s modern world. FITA is amidst the best AngularJS Training in Bangalore.  FITA is with highly qualified trainers for AngularJS training.

Preference of FITA over other institute

  • Faculties with industrial experience
  • Training on market requirement
  • Tie-up with 550+ companies
  • Hands-on experience on every topic
  • Detailed knowledge on AngularJS
  • End-to-end learning in every concept
  • Course Description

    AngularJS application is at its verge of expanding, which was developed by Google and works as Single Page Application (SPA) thus avoiding the reloading of page entire page again. Two-way binding is the distinct feature, which AngularJS has. There is no need of C, Java, .net languages as it completely works on HTML and JavaScript.

    AngularJS Training in Bangalore is the right choice of learning if you wish to start a career in IT sector. We consider basic knowledge on HTML and Java Script as the pre-requisite. HTML is used as the template language in AngularJS. It is primarily used as a front-end MVC (Model View Model). Over 75% of MNCs are in search of skilled AngularJS developers. Thus, your chance of being placed as developers increases a lot.

    AngularJS is considered as one of the premium course, which is the key skill for which MNCs are in search of. To step-up, your career this will be the appropriate time to join AngularJS Training in Bangalore. Students, professionals looking for a job change who are bored of their current job, can learn it.


  • Fundamentals of Java Script
  • Intro to Angular JS
  • Basics of Typescript
  • Template
  • ES2015 Primer
  • Usage of Modules
  • Custom Directives
  • Setup of environment
  • Advanced HTTP
  • Component & Pipes
  • Dependency Injection & Service
  • Change detection & lifecycle hooks
  • Working with Animation
  • Routing
  • Model-driven form
  • Asynchronous operations
  • Template-driven forms
  • Performance, deployment
  • Security & Internationalization
  • FAQ

    What do you mean by Controller in AngularJS?

    This is a function, which considers a parameter such as empty scope object further adds it to fields, which will be exposed later to the user.

    Explain Directives.

    Directive introduces new syntax, which are similar to markers attaches a special behavior on DOM element. Some of the familiar directives are ng-repeat, ng-App, ng-bind, ng-model, ng-show.

    What makes AngularJS comparatively better?

  • Controlling HTML DOM programmatically
  • Code initialization is not necessary
  • Registering Callbacks is not necessary
  • Transfer data to and from the UI
  • List the styling form that can be added to CSS classes by ngModel.

  • ng-pristine
  • ng- valid
  • ng- invalid
  • ng-dirty
  • Does AngularJS compatible with all browser?


    Benefits of dependency injection.

    Decoupling & testing are the two benefits of dependency injection.

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