Top Spoken English Training Institutes in Chennai

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Though English is an official language in India and  widely used across the country, most of us find it difficult to communicate in English fluently. There are ‘n’ numbers of English coaching training institutes located across the country helping our community to enhance their English language. has done a survey on such English coaching centres with the inhabitants of one of the popular metro – Chennai. Based on the survey results we have listed below the top 3 specialised training institutes in Chennai offering Spoken English Classes.

We have ranked the institutes considering the quality of training and the cost for which it is offered. We trust this information will help you to choose the Best Spoken English Training institutes in Chennai.

English Labs

Learn English at Ease – is the motto followed at English Labs. Learning English is not a big deal – but Students from other language medium(except English) require a lot of effort and dedication to speak/write good in English language.At Englishlabs , each and every student is given utmost attention.They understand the knowledge base of the students and take them through the training process. Post Training students from Englishlabs are noticed with positive results in their level of communication and confidence. Englishlabs make sure that their students are proficient on all the aspects of English including reading, writing, listening & speaking when they complete the training.

Englishlabs provides training from basic to advanced level, having professional trainers and well educated staffs to guide students. They offer different programmes on English for various audiences, that includes 1. Speak Fluent in English 2. English for career 3. Business Communication 4. IELTS Training etc., With affordable fees one can get quality training from Englishlabs.


Next to Englishlabs, comes FITA . FITA Academy is offering Spoken English Classes in Chennai  since 2011 with language experts. In this brief time-frame this organisation has got more positive reviews from their students. The best thing which got our attention is, after completion of every batch they conduct monthly meet up with all their students and guide them to improve their language skill from where they stand. You can also consider FITA for your language betterment. FITA has already conducted numerous batches for spoken english and they do conduct lot of corporate training for working professionals to improve their english fluency. FITA operates with 3 branches at Velachery, T Nagar and Thoraipakkam with good infrastructure. If you are a Student/Professional looking to improve your communication skill in English,then you can definitely think enrolling yourself for the Spoken English Classes in Chennai conducted by FITA.

British Council

The British Council has a program called My English where they have 6 levels for teaching English. They conduct a online test/telephonic interview  to analyse your knowledge on English,after which you are suggested  to take the  training program on English which suits you the best.

Today English is considered as a global language and if we are able to communicate well in English then our dreams can be achieved with ease-anywhere in the world. I hope this review helped you in choosing the best spoken English training class in Chennai.

So want to improve your English Fluency? Why to Wait ? Enroll in one of these institutes and improve your communication in English!

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