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FITA Academy is one of the leading Talent Development Company in Chennai which is building manpower for global industry needs. Started as an IT Training Center, they have expanded into other courses and have  emerged as a leading training provider in India.

FITA ranks as one of the top rated training institute in Chennai offering training on 120+ courses. Their footprint in more than 120+ courses shows that they are the choice for every individual when it comes to the best training.

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14 thoughts on “FITA Academy

  1. I learnt advanced Java course at FITA academy. Each and every topic was explained clearly with many Hands On assignments. My trainer was well experienced in IT industry. Apart from training he shared lot of project experiences. Overall it was a great learning experience at FITA. I thank FITA Academy and my trainer for the best training

  2. Hi, I am Swetha , I had a great experience to learn JAVA in FITA Academy. FITA helps me a lot to achieve my goals. My Trainer is very much skilled in Java and he taught me all topics of Java clearly with the practical experience and I suggest everyone to learn Java in FITA. Also I thank FITA to make my career bright.

  3. Hi, This is Ramsai, Today Java is being the most used programming language in all IT industry. I am quite interested in Java programming, initially I was searching for the best training institute to learn Java and then I found FITA. The training in FITA was too good and I gain excellent knowledge in Java through FITA by the industrial expert.

  4. Hi, Myself shivani, I learnt Java course in FITA, The way they trained the students was nice. After the completion of course, they help me to get job by sending my resume for interviews until I get hired and finally I got placed in CAPGEMINI.

  5. Hi, I am Vinu, I am happy to say that I got placed in POLARIS by learning Java course in FITA Academy. Being a part of FITA I gain confidence in my career and I suggest people to learn Java in FITA.

  6. Hi, This is Sathvik, I have learnt Java in FITA training institute in Chennai. My trainer in Java taught me a complete process of Java language. I gained much real time experience in Java with practical knowledge through FITA.

  7. I have taken Java course from FITA training and Placement institute. My trainer has a good training experience and he explained each and every concept clearly with example program. I thank FITA to make me a Java developer.

  8. J2EE is the advanced version of Java is being more popular programming language nowadays. I completed Struct language in J2EE from FITA and my trainer help me to develop my programming knowledge in struct language. I thank FITA to make up career in J2EE.

  9. Hi, I am Sakthi Anand, I glad to say that I got placed in Tech Mahindra through FITA training institute. They mold me in Hibernate technology which is J2EE, the advanced version of Java and they send my resume for interviews till I get hired. FITA helps to enhance my future in Hibernate. I thank FITA for this wonderful career.

  10. I choose to develop my career in Web design. Also I am quite interested in that domain. I had a passion to learn all the technology of web design and I choose FITA to take training for designing the web page. My trainer is highly skilled in designing an attractive user friendly web page and he taught me in the way that I can easily understand. Thanks to FITA

  11. Hi, I am quite interested in server side scripting language and I choose to learn php from FITA institute. The teaching methodology is totally different from other training institutes, I got more practice in real time applications with example program than in the theory concept. Now I am able to add all the functionality to the websites and I suggest FITA to take training in Php.

  12. I learn Digital Marketing in FITA. While I came here I don’t know about SEO and SMM. After the training given by my trainer, I am having the full confident to run the adword, SEO campaign and all digital courses. Thanks for the training and special thanks to my trainer for giving such a wonderful training.

  13. I have completed selenium course in Software testing domain. The trainers are highly skilled and they trained nearly 1000 + students. They taught me with hands on experience and I am fully satisfied with what I am learnt in FITA.

  14. When I was searching for the testing course, I have seen few FITA complaints in some website, Even though after seeing the complaints my friend suggest me to join FITA. After that I realized that the thing I have seen in some website is wrong. Now I can work in real time in testing field, The trainers in FITA are very professional and experienced. Thanks to FITA

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