Tableau training aids you to master in building interactive dashboards in tableau. FITA is well known institute for Tableau Training in Bangalore among students.


FITA always the best trainers in order to make our students get placed in top international companies. Thus, if you are looking forward to enter the IT sector or even trying to change the domain this course will be very helpful for you. Students will be getting hands-on experience on almost all the topics to make it simple for students to face the real-time projects. Tableau Training in Bangalore will help you to get good analytical knowledge once you reach IT field.

Our faculties are experts in teaching by understanding the capacity of each individual. And make sure every student is getting thorough knowledge on every session. Thus, the batch size is always kept minimum. The batch timings can be customized as per the requirements of the students. FITA offers Tableau Training in Bangalore at a reasonable fee along with placement training.

Course description

Learning Tableau in FITA will also gain you the knowledge in public integration with R & Big data along with Tableau desktop. This can be a suitable course for system and IT administrators, software developers, BI professionals.

This course helps the students to get clear and in-depth knowledge on various Tableau products. It is software which helps in visualizing and understanding data by the users to resolve all the business related issues with the usage of data as a problem solver. It is an emerging trend irrespective of the company’s size for business intelligence and data visualization.

Some of the important topics which will be covered in the curriculum are:

  • Data warehousing Concepts
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Business Intelligence Concepts
  • Tableau Advanced
  • Tableau Visual Analytics Training
  • FAQs

    What do you mean by Tableau?

    Tableau is business intelligence software, which allows user to connect to respective data. And it also creates interactive and shareable dashboards.

    What do you mean by Filters? List the types of filters available in Tableau.

    Filter is something which allows only the needed data to be shown. Types of filters available are:

  • Data source filter
  • Quick filter
  • Context filter
  • List out the main products which are offered by Tableau Company.

  • Tableau desktop
  • Tableau online
  • Tableau reader
  • Tableau server
  • Tableau public
  • Mention the maximum number of tables that can be joined.

    32 tables

    What do you infer from shelves and sets?

    Shelves -named areas to the left and to the top of the view. Views are built using fields by placing them onto shelves.

    Sets - custom fields used to define a data subset primarily based on conditions, which can be based upon a specific computed condition.

    List out the components of dashboard.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Text
  • Image Extract
  • Web
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